Crown Reductions Reducing the crown size of the tree whilst making sure to keep the natural shape within the crown. (Crown being from the lowest branch to highest branch, not necessarily from the ground to the top)

Target Pruning - Pruning back branches that are misshaping the natural crown canopy of the tree or reducing a section of the tree back to a new line, (i.e Target prune away from the building).

Pollarding - Pollarding is when you remove all the foliage from the canopy and leave only a timber framework, for a new canopy to regrow from.

Crown Lift - Removing lower branches to raise the crown of the tree.

Crown Thinning - Removal of selective branches within the crown of the tree working on a percentage basis

Deadwooding - Removal of all deadwood within the tree.

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Tree Removal

Dismantling - When a tree will be climbed and dismantled correctly and safely by sectional felling or using a lowering system to avoid any obstacles.


Tree Felling - When a tree will be felled from the ground in a safe controlled manner.


Trimming & Shaping

Removal of hedges

Reducing Height From Your Hedge

Hedge Maintenance

Removal of Stumps

Stump Grinding